Weight Management as a Treatment for T2D: Novel Pharmacological Approaches

Course Description

Healthcare providers (HCPs) encounter significant challenges when treating patients with type 2 diabetes (T2D). HCPs should be cognizant of when to change or intensify treatment and be aware of options that are non-optimal. As such, HCPs need to be equipped with current professional guidelines, the latest clinical evidence on new and emerging therapies for T2D, and strategies for engaging patients in shared decision-making to effectively prioritize weight management and promote comprehensive T2D care.

Explore the 3-part on-demand series, Shedding Light on Type 2 Diabetes: Weight Management & Future Breakthroughs. This collaborative effort, in conjunction with local AAFP Chapter meetings, provides expert guidance and clinical best practices to understand the impact of weight on T2D outcomes, weight management as a treatment for T2D, and effective strategies for shared decision-making in T2D care. Key topics in Part 2: Weight Management as a Treatment for T2D: Novel Pharmacological Approaches include:

  • Mechanistic drivers of T2D pathophysiology and the role of emerging treatment options: Review. How incretin-based drugs’ mechanism of action is effective in treating patients with T2D, with a focus on disease pathophysiology
  • Evidence-based approaches in the treatment of T2D in accordance with ADA/EASD guidelines: Assess. Both current standards of care in T2D and the latest clinical evidence of new and emerging incretin-based treatments

Don’t miss the opportunity to join this series and learn in person, gaining valuable insights into effectively addressing T2D for improved patient health. Be sure to take part 2 and part 3 to maximize your education and impact!

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