Effective Strategies for Improving Vaccine Uptake

Course Description

Healthcare providers (HCPs) encounter significant challenges in vaccine acceptance. A critical need exists among primary care providers (PCPs) to remain abreast of the continuously evolving vaccination landscape. As such, PCPs need to be able to evaluate the burden of vaccine-preventable diseases, provide well-founded recommendations for vaccine measures, and apply appropriate strategies to address vaccine hesitations.

Explore the 3-part on-demand Community Collective Chapter Series, titled Moving the Needle in Vaccinations of Older Adults: A Provider Townhall to Enhance Vaccine Uptake. This collaborative effort, in conjunction with local AAFP Chapter meetings, provides expert guidance and clinical best practices to understand the burden of vaccine-preventable disease, the impact of prevention and updates in vaccine development, and effective strategies for improving vaccine uptake.

Key topics in Part 3: Effective Strategies for Improving Vaccine Uptake include:

  • Correctly applying evidence-based approaches to address patient-level challenges, barriers, and perceptions related to vaccines in older adults, especially among individuals from historically marginalized communities, to support vaccine uptake and completion by:
    • Overcoming barriers in vaccine uptake for older adults

Don’t miss the opportunity to join this series and learn in person, gaining valuable insights into effectively treating vaccine- preventable diseases. Be sure to take part in part 1 and part 2 to maximize your education and impact!

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