Optimally Sequencing Modern TKIs in GIST: Expert Perspectives From an Interprofessional Sarcoma Team

Course Description

While TKIs have been a mainstay in the first three lines of treatment for patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumors (GISTs), new discoveries and emerging science have led to the development of newer agents that address treatment resistance. Known as modern TKIs, these agents have a confirmed role in the treatment of patients with specific mutations or in later-line settings and are now being tested in earlier-stage disease. While oncologists, oncology nurses, and other members of the interdisciplinary cancer care team have new opportunities for increasing survival and improving QOL in their patients with unresectable/metastatic GIST, they are also faced with more complex treatment paradigms that must account for mutation profiling, treatment selection/sequencing, symptom and AE management, psychological support, and nutritional considerations. Join our experts to hear how all members of the cancer care team can work together to effectively incorporate these modern TKIs into clinical practice.

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