The Rising Tide of Novel BTK Inhibitors: Case-Based Guidance on Overcoming Intolerance, Resistance, and Other Clinical Challenges in B-Cell Cancers

Course Description

Covalent BTK inhibitors have transformed the care of B-cell cancers such as CLL/SLL and MCL, but challenges to optimal care remain. How well do you understand the barriers to consistent, efficacious treatment with BTK-based treatment and what that means for treatment planning across multiple lines of therapy? During this activity, experts will tackle these questions and demonstrate how to strategically plan for and implement management protocols that address clinical problems such as BTK inhibitor resistance and intolerance. Throughout, the panelists will share insights on evidence-based and effective sequential therapy (including with second-generation covalent BTK inhibitors, noncovalent BTK options, and non–BTK inhibitor agent classes) and use case-based discussion to illustrate how therapeutic challenges associated with BTK inhibitor therapy can be overcome.

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