Episode for Social Workers: Avoiding Roadblocks in Getting Your B-Cell Lymphoma Patients to CAR T-Cell Therapy

Course Description

This activity for social workers incorporates the MTT episodes: Avoiding Roadblocks in Coordinating CAR-T Therapy and Opening the CAR(T) Door to Get Patient to Therapy from the 4-part educational initiative The Evolving Role of CAR T-cell Therapy for R/R B-cell Lymphomas: Improving Access and Outcomes, is designed for community-based oncology clinicians. This CE activity includes conversations among CAR-T experts and a community clinician; it includes patient video clips and numerous downloadable resources including a directory of CAR-T treatment centers organized by state.


This activity focuses on managing logistics associated with CAR-T therapy, including common misperceptions, the numerous services offered by treating centers, and how to overcome roadblocks for your patients.

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