Episode 2 of 4 What You MUST Know As More Lymphoma Patients Are On The Road To CAR-T

1.0 hr(s) | Case Managers , CME , CPE , NCPD

Specialty: B-cell Malignancies , Lymphoma

Therapeutic Area(s): CAR T , Hematology, Malignant

Release Date: March 11, 2022

Expiration Date: April 8, 2023

Location: Internet Activity Enduring

What you MUST know as more lymphoma patients are on the road to CAR-T, episode 2 of the 4-part educational initiative The Evolving Role of CAR T-cell Therapy for R/R B-cell Lymphomas: Improving Access and Outcomes, is designed for community-based oncology clinicians. Through interactive discussion among cellular therapy experts and a community-based oncologist, this activity provides practical information regarding management of acute, delayed, and late toxicities of CAR-T therapy and what your patients and their caregivers need to know before, during, and after treatment.  Videos, animations, and key learning points address clinical challenges with interprofessional perspectives to foster meaningful change.

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